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Shine-A-Light My World - Starting School

Shine-A-Light My World - Starting School

Kane Miller Books

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Shine a light to reveal surprises and learn what it's like to go to school!

Each page presents another part of a day at school, plus a question. Shine a light from behind the page or hold it up to the light and you'll see the answer revealed!

"It's time for lunch. Emma is sitting at a table with her new friends. What's inside her lunchbox?" - Shine a light and, "Yummy! There's a sandwich, crunchy carrot sticks, some raisins, a sweet, juicy apple, and a drink. Eating a healthy, balanced diet makes it easier to learn and play."

Cleverly interactive and wonderfully enlightening, the Shine-A-Light My World Starting School book is a fascinating way to get kids excited and prepared for school!

Shine-A-Light My World - Starting School

  • Shine-to-reveal book about going to school
  • Encourages courage, self-esteem, confidence
  • Each page presents a situation, asks a question
  • Shine a flashlight or hold the page up to the light to reveal the answer
  • More is revealed when you turn the page
  • Written by Carron Brown
  • Illustrated by Stef Murphy
  • Published by Kane Miller Books / EDC Publishing
  • High-quality hardcover binding