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Grow, Baby, Grow!

Grow, Baby, Grow!

Familius Books

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Realistic, life-size pop-ups allow you to see a babies grow and develop month by month with 9 stunning true to size 3-D illustrations!  This captivating & fun book -Grow, Baby, Grow! artistically and poetically illustrates the growth of a baby before birth by comparing him or her to something wonderful and familiar. Examples: A pearl on the beach, a cherry on a limb, a starfish in the sea. Grow, Baby, Grow! baby book is a beautiful treasure for expecting mothers, new arrivals, and curious siblings-to-be.

  • Pop up book shows young kiddos, siblings & new moms life-size comparisons to help wrap their heads around a babies growth! 
  • Popular and perfect gift for baby showers & first born siblings. All ages.

18 pages (9 full pages) of pop up, life sized, baby growth Illustration!