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Dreamimal, Sharkie
Dreamimal, Sharkie

Dreamimal, Sharkie

The Dream Pillow

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Hi, I am SHARKIE! Nice to meet you! I'm the BRAVEST of all the Dreamimals™.

I am a kids' shark pillow with a pocket to tuck in dream wishes. I help children get good sleep and develop the confidence to help spark good dreams.

With my friends Pinkie and Lamby, I help kids all around the world to have better dreams at night. Use my Dream Wish notes to write or draw your wishes and dreams,and when it's time for bed, I will be there to snuggle with you and hold on to your dream wish while you sleep.

All the Dreamimals™ have different, special ways to help kids enjoy and appreciate bedtime. My specialty is teaching kids to think positively. Positive thinking can be like a superpower. 

The Dreamimals™ Sharkie Set

Dreamimals™ Sharkie is available here on the website and the full set includes:

  • Dreamimals™ Sharkie, kids plush shark pillow made from All Natural 100% Cotton
  • 60 Dream Pillow Blank Dream Wishes
  • Dimensions 13" x 8" x 3" 
  • Sharkie Story Book
  • Machine Wash & Dry